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Default Activation required for used Shaw digital box?


I've searched for the answer to this, so apologies if this has been answered somewhere else. If I buy a Shaw digital box (HD or not) used, but "activated", do I need to do anything to get it working when I get back to my place except plug it in? i.e. does it need a service call into Shaw to re-activate it, or once it is active in the database, it will remain active anywhere on their cable network?

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You need the box's serial number linked to your account. It will likely work for a short time but eventually will stop. The used box I purchased even had the seller's channel map from a different city and worked for over a week until I phoned Shaw to have the box put on my account.
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The following guidelines for Rogers Ontario may be handy as a checklist. For example, check with the service provider, make sure the seller is in "good standing", etc.
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It will remain active when you plug it in for a while, depends if it is still on the sellers account or not and how long ago they last had it plugged into cable.

The box downloads keys to decrypt channels that you subscribe to, these keys expire. Also, every morning the box "talks back" to Shaw, to say it's still hooked up and to get an update on it's subscription. If your box talks back, and Shaw sees it is unrecognized, it will automatically be disconnected. If your box doesn't talk back, it is still limited by the keys stored in it and the dates those keys are cycled at Shaw.
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And remember it must have been a SHAW DCT and not 1 from a different company or they will not allow it on their system
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Very good point Jason. That rule came out about a year or so ago, so not many people are aware of it. You can still however, take your Shaw box to NWtel or Novus as far as I am aware. Just not bring it onto Shaw.
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This actually brought to mind a another question. A couple of years ago I activated a box I bought on Ebay.

If I were to sell it would the next person be able to activate it? It is already in the shaw system.

I'm not really planning on selling it but the new condo we're moving too we get a free year of Telus TV.
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