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Default Refilling Ink Cartridges

Hi Folks, I have an HP C4480 colour printer, and recently had a black cartridge refilled at Costco, and it worked fine. I had the colour one done a few days ago, and I get a "cartridge incompatible" message. Is there any way around this, or am I stuck buying the HP ones ?
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Most ink cartridges (if not all) contain a chip to measure ink levels. The chip is often a one-shot thing. I just turfed a HP multi function printer because although the ink levels were about 3/4 full it refused to spew ink. It was my wife's and she used it about once every 3 months. I did a fast google search and found something about the chips will refuse to "turn on" or something after such a long delay. If I cared I would dig further but the ink refills cost more than this crap churned out from China. It also said paper was out, it wasn't, and kept saying load paper. My time is worth more than these POS.

New printers also jump all over the place when printing. What the heck ever happened to quality? Did it die when Harper sold Canada to the Chinese?
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Quality died long before Harper.

The ink chip thing would have happened regardless what party or leader sat, unless Parliament had nothing better to do so look into the anti-competitive nature of printer ink chips, and ban/control it in a fashion to allow 3rd party clone or remanufactured cartridges, and user refilling.

Nb: From what I see there are two basic chip methods printer manufacturers use.

HP and Lexmark simply have a serial ID code on the chip in the cart. The printer monitors what carts have been used an how much, and hold only so many cartridge IDs. As you use new carts, old ones get dropped of the list, and theoretically you can use those carts again, with the printer none the wiser.

Canon and Epson store usage and a serial code on their secure chip. With Canon, you can tell it to ignore the chip count at your own peril. I am not sure of other manufacturers.

Some laser cartridges have, or had, a fuse which is blown.
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