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Default How to watch HD recordings without my laptop

Hi folks

I hope this is the right forum, sorry if it's not. I'm just starting to record HD OTA and I'm running into a couple of snags so I hope you can help.

To start, I have a WinTV 950Q, laptop, ps3 and a linksys NAS.

I upgraded to WinTV 7 yesterday and played around with recording a bit. When I had WinTV 6, it recorded to mpeg and I could play it back on my ps3. When I upgraded to WinTV 7, it recorded to .ts. I found the place to convert it to mpeg, but when I recorded an hour last night the mpeg was only 27 minutes. The ts was the full hour. Something I did wrong?? Would shutting down WinTV too early cause that?

Today I played around with Vista media center. I love being able to record from the guide, but the recording was .ms and I didn't try but I doubt that it would play on my ps3 without conversion.

Any suggestions on what would be the best software to use (media center, WinTV 7, something else) that will record HD in a format that I can play back on my ps3?

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Try this thread:

Looks like there are a bunch of options available.
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There is an issue in WinTv v7 ts2ps.exe application wich convert the .ts file to .mpg. I recently updated WinTv 7 release 1.2 but didn't had time to verify if correction were made on the converter.

There is some freeware that can make the conversion from .ts if you really need to.
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Default I figured it out!!!


So, the ps3 does play ts files. Unfortunately, being FAT32 the maximum file size is 4GB.

I found a great program called HDTV2MPEG2 to split the file into smaller chunks. Apparently it's good for removing commercials, but I haven't gone that far yet.. But it works perfectly to allow me to copy the files to the ps3. Everything is working fine!

Life is good!!!
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White fish
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I bought a WD TV HD media player
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