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View Poll Results: I built/will build a Gray Hoverman antenna and I am:
a tinkerer who wants the best OTA TV reception 96 61.54%
an experienced TV antenna hobbyist 8 5.13%
an electronics technician/engineer/designer/repair person 29 18.59%
an RF technician/engineer/designer 3 1.92%
a Broadcast technician/engineer/designer 3 1.92%
a HAM radio enthusiast 11 7.05%
a Home Theatre enthusiast 26 16.67%
a high technology enthusiast 31 19.87%
a computer hardware/software enthusiast 50 32.05%
a technology student 2 1.28%
new to OTA TV 37 23.72%
broke, you insensitive clod... I needed a free antenna! 35 22.44%
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Old 2009-06-10, 11:56 AM   #31
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I adjusted the contrast/brightness and scaled it up a bit. That should make it easier if anyone else has difficulty reading the original...

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Old 2012-07-03, 03:03 PM   #32
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Thumbs up Big Thank You

Nothing new here, nor any questions - just a big thanks to everyone involved in posting the Gray-Hoverman design and building tips. With the change to exclusively UHF my old Radio Shack log-periodic wasn't cutting it anymore and I am not really interested in paying by the month for the same old stuff.

I went with a Gen 1 for its simplicity and double bay for the better gain. I used 1" PVC for the frame, 1" chicken wire for a split reflector, 10 Ga copper for the driven elements and 14 Ga copper for the phasing leads. CBC has the weakest signal here and I went from no signal to pegged on both strength and quality.

Now my wife wants to know if I can build an antenna that improves the programming.
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Old 2014-05-20, 01:30 PM   #33
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you can find many examples on the forum.

this is what my build look like:

and here are few links as well.
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Old 2014-05-20, 03:52 PM   #34
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For even more DIY G-H examples, see list found here:
Antenna Simulations, Overload Calculations, etc:
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Old 2014-05-20, 04:38 PM   #35
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Image posting website doesn't EASILY allow it....I would have to post it as a downloadable *.html or *.doc file...
BUT SURE..."only" takes a couple dozen copy/paste actions to embed it here:

I have avoided replicating G-H results found elsewhere. Much more info can be found here: [Grey-Hoverman] [Grey-Hoverman] [nikiml's Optimized Grey-Hoverman & Stealthawk] [Grey-Hoverman] [Hi-VHF & UHF Grey-Hoverman]

Some DIY websites: [300-ohm's DIY G-H thread] [UHF SBGH-6 + Hi-VHF NARODS] [Mayhem Creation's DIY G-H] [Chris Dahl's DIY G-H] [unclesam's DIY G-H] [DBGH by JHEngineering for WSYR] [Wm F Dudley Jr's DIY Stacked DBGH] [Even kidz can do it.....]
Antenna Simulations, Overload Calculations, etc:
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Old 2014-09-07, 02:43 AM   #36
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Thumbs up New Optimizations to DBGH Models - Sept. 2014

The performance of DBGH variants has been tweaked and optimized even further thanks to nikiml, as seen in the following thread:

Optimized DBGH models for UHF
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antenna, atsc, dbgh, diy hdtv antenna (gh-1), gray-hoverman, ota, poll, sbgh

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