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Default Viewsonic and ota dtv

Hi Folks,
New to the forum and my first post, so be nice!
I have recently purchased a used Viewsonic N2752W with built in DTV tuner. It works fine in TV mode but I cannot get the "Autoscan" screen to open in DTV mode - all other inputs are good. I only have a standard outdoor antenna (UHV/VHF combo) and am looking into purchasing either an FTA system or an HDTV outdoor antenna. I have a DTV converter with analog pass through I bought for my old TV and it picks up 3 or 4 digital channels (11,15,36 etc) from my existing antenna. The viewsonic has two RF inputs one marked DTV and the other TV and so far nothing hooked up to the DTV input has any response. The manual I downloaded is no help and less help is Viewsonic's call in help line. Is this a problem with the TV or just that I have to hook up something with better DTV reception to make the Autoscan tuner in the TV respond?
Any helpful comments will be appreciated.
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What is your location, go the OTA forum to see what channels are available in your region.
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