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Originally Posted by wm_cheng View Post
The second HD receiver for the Bedroom sounds good since I already have a Coax running up there. However, can the 9242 deliver the recorded material via that same Coax up to the 3rd floor? The bell person told me that what I record for TV1 is NOT transferable to TV2 - but are you saying that I can record in HD and watch it either with TV1 in HD or TV2 in SD and have the bedroom control the box in the basement (so I can delete the programming after I watch it without going down to the basement to do it?) Is that right? That is correct

When I get my HDTV in the Bedroom however, I won't be able to view the recorded material in HD this way still only SD - unless I run the components all the way up right? Yes correct againIs there some length that I cannot run HD signal through components or hdmi whereby the signal degrades too much? I see 100ft cables at Monoprice, will they work?I guess if they sell them they must work

When installing the HD receiver in the bedroom just ensure you get 2 Diplexers, this will allow you to have your HD receiver show HD on the second TV and get all your recordings in SD from the 9242.
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