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Originally Posted by JonO View Post
Sure, some people may buy catalog titles, but with the war titled heavily towards blu, how many people will rush out to buy a catalog title in the losing format? I would be just tempted to wait until it appears on blu, as that seems inevitable at this point
Why wouldn't people that already have HD DVD players buy red titles they've been waiting for? Especially if they don't have a Blu player yet? It's not like every HD DVD owner will be purple in the short term. It just doesn't make sense to me to wait for a title on a particular HD format you can't play yet, when it is available in HD on a format you can play. I'm missing something.

Recent buyers (like me) are in a different boat...but that's a different topic.

If we were longer term HD DVD owners, count us in the group interested in HD DVD catalog titles. The price would have to be right as all the ones haulin oats mentioned would be double dips. On the radar though is Twister from WB in May. Unforgiven is another catalog title we'd get.

Perhaps the overall problem with catalog sales is the double dip factor. Studios would have the research on this, but some general issues are apparent. New releases are obviously not affected by double dips. Catalog titles...well, if it's a good title, then yes, the double dip issue strikes as the DVD version would have been popular. Blade Runner was/is an exception as it didn't really have a DVD counterpart.

OK, enough rambling. Point is, I don't see a reason for established HD DVD owners to wait for possible Blu versions of red titles they could pick up now (or in a couple weeks). Particularly if the red titles are discounted...
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If you already own a HD DVD player and you don't expect it to break anytime soon, go for it.

Buy what you want. The PQ and Audio will still be outstanding.
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I don't see a reason for established HD DVD owners to wait for possible Blu versions of red titles they could pick up now (or in a couple weeks). Particularly if the red titles are discounted...
Exactly. I'm hoping for some deep discounts sometime soon.
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Well you say why wouldn't EXISTING HD-DVD owners buy a great Catalog title? No reason not to but they don't need existing people to buy it, they need format neutral people to buy it and the player along with it. Moot at this point without some serious studio shakeup. The listed catalog titles would have helped 3 months ago. Too little too late now.
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The problem with the proposal from the OP is this:

Big name catalogue titles tend to get special treatment. As everyone knows the majority of catalogue titles do not sell well. So when cataloque titles do have the potential to be decent sellers, a studio will not rush them out. Therefore those big name catalogue titles will not be pushed out quickly like the OP wants.

Secondly... and far more importantly... why would they WANT to push out big name catalogue titles on HDDVD now? I doubt universal will stay exclusive for much longer. Even the most stubborn companies have to throw in the towel eventually, or risk getting knocked out entirely.

Already released catalogue titles are different. If you already have a red-player and a particular title is only available on HDDVD at the present, then yes without a doubt buying those discs makes sense for you. Im not denying that. Nor do I understand people (in other forums) who state that Warner absolutely has to have a program where people trade in a red version of a movie for a discount on the blu version. Why dont they just keep the red movie along with their hddvd player?
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yes luis, you keep saying and hoping that

maybe if you wish REALLY hard, sony will buy everyone off, then we can all have lame blu players that are outdated every 6 months.

I think that there will be some back titles coming out, one last go at it.
most of the titles I would like to see have been mentioned..

I think they could milk the hell outta titanic.
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I don't think Paramount has a better title than The Godfather. I'd love to see that trilogy in HD.
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