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Default Surprise launch of a new Wii Channel today!

Nintendo launched their new wii channel 'Everyone Votes' just 2 minutes ago. You can get the channel by updating your system and then going to the Wii Wares section of the Shopping channel. It's free to download.

From what I can tell, its purpose is to have a global/national poll where you can see the results and predict what others in your area will answer as well. I haven't used it yet I'm downloading right now, but damn this is kinda exciting to get new features that weren't even announced added to my console.

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I think it was released earlier in the day, some are even saying Sunday. I had it installed at supper time on Tuesday. It's totally useless but of course I'll still participate
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Seems like an interesting idea. Maybe the feds should give us all a Wii and we can vote on the elections using our Wii!

Give Nintendo credit, they are being innovative.
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I downloaded it. Did the polls.
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