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Default Ps2 Game Line-Up

I am not trying to casue anything here.Ps2 game line up seems to be over looked.Myabe its with the ps3 out now but wow the ps2 still seems very appealing.
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I think you will see this gradually fall off over the next year, especially when the PS3 becomes widely available.
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With the amount of ps2 they are selling now i think you will see it stick for a while.Its amazing the amount they have sold in the past weeks.
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I agree. Even if half all PS2s were stored in a box in somesone's garage (which I don,t think is the case), you'd still have 40 millions + consoles around. I'm sure a great game could still sell 1 million + copies well into 2008.

By the way, any recommendation for good shooters (firt person) on the PS2?
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I haven't found an appealing PS2 game since the last Ratchet and Clank game, and even those are easily beaten. I got my PS2 for innovative (at the time) games like SSX, R&C and GTAIII. Katamari Damacy was good for a few hours.

Everything since then has just bored me, so I got a Wii. It took me 10 hours to beat the first dungeon in Zelda alone....needless to say my PS2 is to be retired.

I'm not a Nintendo fanboy. A few weeks ago I rented a GameCube and some games (Super Mario Sunshine was one) and kicked myself for missing out on Nintendo's offerings the last two years.
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