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Old 2012-10-15, 10:14 AM   #16
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It won't be long before the broadcasters start to line up at the door of the CRTC to get it removed from the list, on the other hand, i think it will stay under the rebrand. None of the programming they will be carrying is different from what the CRTC already allows, ie Big Ten and CBS Sports Net.
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Fox also has a Speed network in Australia if that channel stays the same then maybe they can try and replace it with that
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Thread now merged with MLB to be shown on Speed Network thread.
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I have officially stopped caring if Speed is in HD on Bell.
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I would definitely miss the Barrett Jackson auctions! They can gobble up hours of my time when they're on live!
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Originally Posted by mike10 View Post
Fox also has a Speed network in Australia if that channel stays the same then maybe they can try and replace it with that
Speed Australia is nothing like the US version, so it will be staying the same. Though I doubt that it will ever be screened here in Canada, and if it did, a bunch of it would have to be blacked out.
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Rogers purchase of The Score just went through today. Will be finalized in the coming months.
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fox, mlb, playoffs, tbs

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