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Question Any hope for a UK Wii? Black & White Picture

Hi there, hoping I can get some advice on making my UK wii work in Canada - and whether it is possible. I know the issues are going to be to do with Pal and NTSC formats but before I go out and buy a new Wii (and replace my games) I wanted to see if its at all possible for the UK one to work here.

Connected the Wii to the TV and after a bit of fiddling with settings, have been able to get a picture that fits the screen but is in black and white. I'm using the cable (white, red and yellow) that came with the Wii to connect it to the tv.

Is there anyway to get a perfect, normal colour picture?

Does it also depend on the tv you're using? We're currently using an Advent PS 42D8B (fairly old I guess) which is borrowed so at some point we will be looking to get a new one.

Any advice on if it's possible to get a proper picture using the UK wii on this tv would be grateful. Or should I bite the bullet and buy a wii and games from here?
Thanks in advance!
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maybe instead of using the composite outputs, try using the component output instead? maybe ur tv can accept the pal frequency over component? u won;t know untll u try, maybe u need a pal to ntsc converter too
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You could try
You'll have to softmod your wii but thats pretty simple if you can following instructions well. Check the tutorials section there.
Once you softmod you'll have to use a different loader for your games and just select Force NTSC in the loader and it will work. Theres more info on the wiihacks site that could help you. I'm a bit of a noob with this stuff too but this is what you're looking for.
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