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Default Integra DTR 5.6 questions

Hey everyone. I have a couple questions about my receiver and set up. I received this receiver in trade for some labor work. ( it was new)

1. What do you guys think of this receiver?

2. How important is the size of speaker cable and input/output cables? ( my surrounds dont have very thick cable)

3. Seems i cant get alot of sound out of the rear surround speakers ( small paradigm's) even when they are maxed out at 12. I have tried all my surround settings as well. My neighbor has a Onkyo that seems very similar to mine, and we watch the hockey game at his place and it has nice deep sound with great crowd noise coming from the rears. Set on "PLX Music " . When mine is set on the same surround setting, all i get is loud noise from the fronts and center, and little from the surround speakers. Could it have something to do with him running HDMI and myself running plain red/white audio cables? We both have Bell HD Sat receivers( mine is newer).( Is there a setting on the Express vu i messed up?)

Any help or advice to point me in the right direction would be very helpful. Thanks alot.
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I found the microphone that came with it for set up, i will give it a shot this evening and see if it sounds better
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Default a little Integra help

I suppose this has already been covered here.....

It's a nice reciever (then again, my current one is about 16 years old)

speaker cable size is kinda important. Think of it like the plumbing in your house. if your pipes are small, you won't get water as much or as fast as you want it. As for input/output cables, well, decent ones, I guess. I can't say--they either work, or not.

as for're getting warmer. If all you use is red and white, then you'll get stereo. If you use HDMI/optical/coaxial, then you will get multichannel sound. You may have to enable it on the Bell HD Sat reciever you have, and get another cable (sigh)

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