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Question Landline/jack for intercom to work?

Do I need to subscribe to a telephone service Telus in order for my apartments intercom to work? My builidng is about 30-40yrs old if that helps.


P.S I see no jacks in the wall but i do see these brown squares near the baseboards but no place for a telephone chord.
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This depends totally on how the intercom works. If it dials a number programmed into it, it could dial your cell phone for example (or any phone). Most newer buildings do it this way since a lot of people don't have a landline. Some have a dedicated phone or intercom inside the suite. We cannot answer this question. It's something you need to ask your landlord. Some older buildings have upgraded the intercom.

Some Voip installers can make older intercom systems that utilized a "Telus" phone work with Voip, but some cannot...
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Some old, old systems are completely independent and use a permanent phone in the suite.

The most common type use the same phones you use for your home phone line. (Enterphone 2000 is a very common type.)

Some newer buildings have systems that can dial any number, home/cell/voip, but these require the strata to pay for at least one outgoing phone line so they're not quite as popular.

No system that I've ever seen requires a landline. But I think I know where the myth comes from. I've had several customers who were told (often by strata/maintenance) that their enterphone didn't work because they didn't have a landline. In reality, there was a wiring issue inside the building to that suite. It gets corrected by Telus when the landline doesn't work due to the same wiring issue, we go out and fix it. And this re-affirms the myth that the enterphone needs a landline, when really it needs a tech.
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