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Default Looking for Online Media Services


My wife and I (Toronto) recently cancelled our cable service and bought the Boxee. We're in our free month of a Netflix account and would like some other suggestions (whether their subscription or not) to replace the cable TV service.

Neither of us are into realty TV which seems to be what television has become. We enjoy watching the Blue Jays but think the subscription to MLB TV a bit steep and it sounds like HULU is not available in Canada (and yes I've heard all the ways to get it using a proxy).

Other suggestions of services that folks are satisfied with would be a great help.
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OTA and better yet an OTA PVR could round out your day to day watching habits.

Not sure if the Boxee allows for video rentals like the AppleTV does but the OTA PVR + ATV3 pretty much cover all the TV we need.

At ~$11 per month if you buy MLB Premium by the year ($125) you're cheaper than cable. BUT your internet bandwidth is going to take a hit.
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MLB.tv will black out Jays games if you live in Canada. You would need a VPN to bypass that.
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Our family uses Netflix and Streaming Guide for all online TV. We have not found any need for OTA, we are not interested in sports shows though...
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