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Angry PVR Recordings Disappearing

Sorry for the duplicate post, figured issue won't get seen if it's not it's own post.

Good day, I have recently returned to Bell after a few years. Got myself a 9241 and 6131(with HDD attached). I have recently been having problems with PVR recordings disappearing from the 9241. When I say disappear, I mean disappear, not expired etc.

This started happening a few weeks ago, called Bell up, did the usual troubleshooting, front panel reset, factory reset, even a format, still having the problem, so it was replaced, the new unit arrived yesterday, hooked it up, re built my recording list. Was watching Hawaii Five-0 last night, which is also a recording, at the end of the show, the red light went out, and then I checked the PVR list, nothing there!, checked the schedule, and it was there, and said was done, WTF? The space available is accurate for not having the event there. However, during the event, it was on the list. My timer is set to allow 2 recordings to be stored, however, being on a fresh box, that possibility was ruled out.

This doesn't happen with every recording, and has no consistency either, could delete the evening news tonight, even though it recorded the noon news fine. It isn't affected by whether 1 or 2 tuners are recording either. It happens to timers both created through the receiver, and RPVR. All my recordings are setup as VuPass as well.

I do have an archive drive connected to the unit, any chance this is it? I have disconnected the drive to see if this changes anything, does anybody else have ideas/suggestions?

Ok, tried that, even with the external HDD removed, I have lost 3 recordings this last night, therefore, HDD is ruled out, is RPVR somehow messing things up?


- M
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