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Question BB100 and watching streaming on xbox?

I want to subscribe to MLBtv which streams to my xbox. Its a monthly or yearly subscription.

Question: I get 500gb per month

How much would a 2-3hr baseball game in HD run???

Seems like I would run out of space quite quickly if I watched this regularly on xbox streaming?

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According to, their streaming video has a bitrate between 400-700 kbps.

This would translate into 180 MB - 315 MB/hr, or approximately 0.5 - 1 GB for a 3 hr game. You could watch over 500 3-hour games per month, without exceeding your cap.
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the 400-700kb/s bitrate is for standard def.
according to:
"Higher quality MLB.TV content is streamed within 800kbps to 3Mbps and your bandwidth must be consistently pulling 90% of the streaming rate to receive a high-quality video feed."
So assuming best case scenario (worst case for a cap) of 3Mb/s:
3*60*60*3/8 =~ 4 gigabytes per 3 hour game. Which means you could only watch about 125 3 hour games in a month.
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You're a regular cut-up Stolen. :P
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One key item to point out is if you were to exceed your bandwidth cap (500GB/month) you're only going to be out an additional $10 when you get bumped up to the 750GB/month cap.


Unlike some other companies, Shaw doesn't have punitive prices on bandwidth overage rates.

For a data point, we do quite a bit of streaming at my house (and also have BB100) and according to DD-WRT we only use about ~250GB/month on a busy month. For April I'm showing 175.24GB downloaded, 19.09GB uploaded.
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