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Default Recordings that I didn't schedule

I went to Illico online today to confirm that I was recording a few shows tonight, and I saw 4 programs set to record that I never initiated. 3 were on PBS at different times and another was on ABC or something. They were all shows I've never even heard of.

Has this happened to anyone before? Unfortunately I discontinued them before I got home to check the pvr to confirm if it was just an online glitch.
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This happens occasionally on Rogers too. I've seen stuff from years ago that I've deleted - isn't on the PVR, only online, etc. Nothing to worry about. Just delete online if it bothers you. Usually it's previous recordings - I don't recall seeing scheduled recordings.

Maybe someone hacked into your account - PBS eh - some left wingnut? (PBS is my favourite channel)
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I just found a scheduled "Clifford the Big Red Dog"!

good to know. thanks for the info. probably "crossed wires"
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I am not sure if this is pertinent to your situation or not but sometimes the PVR will list recordings you never EVER scheduled and you wonder "where did this come from"?
Its also possible that the receiver "thinks" its recording something but its not (often referred to as ghost recordings) A simple reset of your receiver will do the trick (electrically unplug you receiver and plug it back in, wait 5 min) This has happened to me and it fixed my problem.
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