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Default Toronto hydro

From their website:

"Foregone Revenue Rate Rider: -0.017 ˘/kWh
This rate rider was introduced to collect the revenues Toronto Hydro would have collected had
the new rates been implemented on May 1, 2011. This rate rider is effective until April 30, 2012."

The oeb didn't approve their distribution rate increase, so they just invented a new charge. (See

More bull:

"Late Payment Penalty Rate Rider: 24 ˘ per 30 days

In February 2011, the Ontario Energy Board approved an amount to be collected from all electricity customers in the province for the settlement of a court case related to how energy distributors in
the province previously collected fees for late payments. This new charge reflects the amount the Ontario Energy Board has approved for collection by Toronto Hydro and is in effect until May 2013."

"Contact Voltage Rate Rider: 16 ˘ per 30 days
The Contact Voltage Rate Rider was approved by the Ontario Energy Board on November 11,
2010 and is effective November 1, 2010. It is a temporary charge to recover the cost of
emergency remediation work required in 2009 to reduce contact voltage risk to the public.
The Contact Voltage Rate Rider is for a period of one and a half years and will cease on
May 1, 2012."

These extra charges don't even appear separately on the actual bill (including the $18 per month fixed charge) - everything is lumped together.
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Foregone this NOT been challenged in the media? That is an outrageous flaunting of the regulatory framework.

Late penalty one government agency fines another, collecting the revenue, while the offending agency simply picks the pockets of the ratepayers. How is this essentially not a form of illegal taxation?
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