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Default Bell PVRs & Recording PPV

2 weeks ago I tried to pvr Adventures of TinTin 3D after purchasing, the next day it was no where to be found on my pvr. Last week tried again to pvr again and looked tonight and again no where to be found on pvr. I phoned bell and was told ppv may contain copyrights that do not allow you to record! I have never had any problem recording any movies before and just the week before had recorded Puss n Boots in 3D. She said it is up to the movie company who releases it whether or not it has copyright and there is no way of knowing till after. She would not reimburse for the 2 movies and could not tell me where in writing this warning was. Has anyone else had this issue? What difference does it make whether we record the movies can not be moved from the hd drive.
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If it's the on-demand stuff, you can only keep it for 48 hours.

In the past you could keep the PPV as long as you wanted. Hopefully that hasn't changed.

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Was not on demand. This movie would not even have been in the pvr 48 minutes after recording. It just will not record
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Hmmm. That's disconcerting. Perhaps Bell has changed their software to prevent recording PPV (non "on" demand)? Likewise, I've always been able to record and keep PPV movies. Though I haven't ordered any PPV movies in the last few months...
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Default pvr9241 and 3d

Can someone tell me if I purchase a 3d movie (#999, Tues. evening) can I record it on my 9241 and play back as 3d, or does Bell prevent recording as it does with #1000?
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As far as I know you should be able to record a PPV. You can not record the On Demand (channel 1000) movies, as you know.
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I moved the last two posts to this existing thread on the question of recording PPV, since it's not specific to a particular model PVR. Based on previous posts, it looks like you cannot for certain movies?

Regarding OD:

The only way for Bell Sat to provide on-demand to your 9241, 9242 or 9400 HD PVR is to record it to your HDD, however, it expires, I believe after a certain number of hours. Here's the thread on OD if you wish to discuss that topic further.
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