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Default Fibe cabling in condo/appartment building

Hello all. Sorry for a long explanation but I am looking for something technical and maybe unusual...

Fibe is now available as FTTH in the Quebec City area. As a condo board member, I would like cabling done in our building (12 condos) to support Fibe.

Currently, 1 coax cable (used by Videotron and Bell Satellite) and 1 phone cable go from the electrical room to each condo. Bylaws do not allow altering common walls and floors (let's not discuss reasons).

A technical rep came to evaluate the work. Here is his proposal (unacceptable because of multiple alterations to walls and floors):
1. Outside cable goes into a 12-port FDT terminal in our electrical room.
2. From the FDT terminal, 1 Clear Curve 4.8 mm fibre goes to each condo through walls/floors. -PROBLEM
3. From the "point of entry" in each condo, regular phone cable connects to a DSL modem.
4. From DSL modem, coax cable goes to PVR and Ethernet cable goes to PC.

Can Bell place the "point of entry" in the electrical room and use existing cabling (phone line I guess) to reach the DSL modem in each condo?

Thank you for any advice or insight on this. Bell advertises Fibe a lot, but there is NO technical support available.
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I'm not sure of all the implications... But aren't you asking Bell to install Fiber To The Node?
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Old 2012-03-26, 09:25 PM   #3
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They told me fiber has to reach individual subscribers, so I tried to think of a way accordingly...
Not sure what are their limitations, but something similar happened with Satellite 2 years ago: they said what we wanted was impossible, until I found a compatible switch on the web and insisted on installing it in the electric room... ;-)
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If Fibe is anything like FiberOp over here, the issue with what you propose is that the Fiber going to each dwelling from the FDT would have to terminate on an ONT in each condo. That ONT is a media converter, and then from that ONT it goes to the router using Cat5e, and then from the router to the computers using Cat5e or Wireless for the internet, and then to each TV's using either Cat5e or Coax using HPNA (Not sure if this is an option or not in MDU's).
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My guess is that they would do FTTN, not FTTH for existing MDUs, unless the fibre optic cable were part of the original construction to each individual condo. You would still likely need to go through the condo board to see about the installation and they would have to arrange the FTTN install with Bell. Differences explained in links below, and yes I realize that Bell are providing FTTH in some areas of Quebec (last link):
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I don't think there is any FTTN Fibe TV in Quebec City only FTTH
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Old 2012-03-28, 12:02 AM   #7
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Right, which is why in my first post I was trying to adapt the FTTH model to my building. The point where fiber stops for each subscriber could be in the electrical room (basement), then use existing phone line in the walls to reach the condos.

Thanks all anyway.
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Can Bell place the "point of entry" in the electrical room and use existing cabling (phone line I guess) to reach the DSL modem in each condo?

I live in a high rise condo. When the Bell technician came over to install my Fibe Tv, I was with him and saw and asked him all the question I needed to know.

The Fiber Optic goes to the HUB that is 800 ft from my building. From the Hub to my building (phone room or electrical) its twisted copper wire.

There, he took 2 pair of twisted wires and to one pair he added a device which is the Fibe tv and the other pair is the phone.

The single telephone wire(4 wires), that will go to my condo, 2 were attached to the Fibe tv device and the other 2 wires were used for the telephone.

In my condo, he checked all my phone jacks to make sure they did not intermix and split them 2 for five tv and the other 2 for telephone. Where the modem was connected he installed a jack with 2 connections 1 for the fibe tv modem and the other for the phone and removed all filters that I had from previous DSL internet.

Conclusionn this Fiber cable the technician wants to bring from the electrical room to each condo seems a bit weird. I suggest you get another guy to come in and redo a new evaluation. Are they charging you for it.

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The OP mentions that Clearcurve fiber is used to the individual units, so each unit will have its own ONT. In a single home installation, the ONT has control of the 'unique customer identifier', so from that point of view, the proposed installation makes sense.
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You must have misheard the Bell tech rep because DSL have nothing to do with Fiber. There is no way Bell would do FTTN in Quebec city. The only way to bring Ftth to each condo units is to bring a clearcurve fiber to each individual units. This is often done from the outside of the building (drill a hole ...) or with a riser cable.

The good news is that it's all free.
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