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Default Halo Anniversary Thread

Picked this up yesterday and I had a blast last night playing up until Guilty Spark. It's amazing to see the difference in visuals plus the re-recorded audio is slightly different than the original and sounds awesome. I would find myself just stopping and listening to the music for a while every now and then. I expected the gameplay/controls to feel dated but it feels fine. I would have preferred a preset for the Reach controls, just because I have gotten used to them. Cutscenes are gorgeous too.

The 3D works well. After a while you kind of forget your using it but switch back to 2D and you'll notice a huge difference. I only had the 3D strength at about 30% since there is quite a bit of ghosting on the butt of the magnum otherwise which is distracting...oddly enough there doesn't seem to be crosstalk anywhere else even with the 3D at 100% though.

This game has aged very well...had a lot more fun playing this than Call of Duty that's for sure.
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Do you know if it supports proper system link?
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