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Angry DSR-505 Static in 5.1 Audio

Hi All. New to this forum, I just found it after searching for more info on the HDNet fiasco....

Anyways I have a question that I hope someone can answer. I've got the DSR-505 receiver connected through optical cable to my Yamaha surround receiver. I notice on most of the HD channels, at least some of the time, that there is a lot of static in the 5.1 audio stream that sounds like volume clipping. Sometimes its not there at all, sometimes it renders the audio unbearable, and sometimes its in between.

I never get any static on the SD channels, and I can clear it if I disable the Dolby Digital output on the DSR and just use PCM (and Pro Logic). I also have a PS3 connected via optical to the same receiver, and never hear static when using that source.

I tried swapping a new optical cable, I also tried swapping out another DSR-505 and got the same result.

Anyone have any ideas? I appreciate any feedback...
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I dealt with this a couple years ago with the 505 I had....After many months of trial and error, it turned out that my wireless router was causing the issue somehow....anyways, moved the router and the issue went away...
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