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Default Thumping Noise from back of Samsung LCD TV

If anyone can help me out, I would greatly appreciate it.

I have a 5 year old 1080p Samsung LCD TV. My previous arrangement was connecting my PS3 (old/fat) via HDMI directly to the TV, and then sending the audio via optical cable to my older Onkyo Receiver (10 years old and wasnt HDMI compatible).

I have just upgraded my receiver to a Pioneer Elite VSX 50. I am now connecting the same PS3 to the Pioneer receiver via HDMI, and then another HDMI cable from the receiver to the TV.

I am now experiencing a thumping noise on the back of my tv when I watch blue ray movies. It is not the speakers, and I can feel the vibration on the back of the tv when the thumping sounds are made.

I have adjusted all the settings on the PS3 to send Linear PCM sound to the receiver and 1080p to the receiver as well (through automatic detection).

So the only change is the receiver signal to the tv that must be causing this. My first research indicated this may be a ground loop issue, so I made sure I connecting all my equipment to the same power bar outlet, but I am still getting this problem.

I have also tried different HDMI ports on the tv but I am getting the same problem.

Any advise on what is causing this and how to recitfy the problem? Is something wrong with my tv or is something wrong with the receiver?
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Here's an FAQ on HDMI issues that may help. The "thump" could be a handshake? Try 1080i (non-auto instead of auto) in the PS3. Turn off any "auto-tune" features in all the equipment PS3, TV, AVR (Item 4 of the FAQ). Check out item 28 of the FAQ, along with all the other items in case they fit. What happens when you connect the PS3 directly to the TV now? What's the exact model number of the TV - 5 years ago seems early for a 1080P LCD. Then try 1080P (non-auto) in the PS3 if you're sure the TV accepts it.

Here's a Useful post - FAQs, Search Tips, Optimization, etc:
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Thanks 57

I did read the faq prior to posting. Not sure if this is a handshake issue because I have tried several hdmi cables without success.
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I will try turning the AV receiver on first before the tv to see if this can help.
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