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Default LPB HD video Quality

I've been thinking of trying to catch the LPB mux on SES 2 at 87w.
I'm hoping to record some of the PBS programming in better quality than what I currently get. I get WNPI OTA, but the HD subchannel is compressed to about 12 Mbps, because of the other 2 SD subchannels. I don't get reliable reception at 125W, but when I was able record some shows, the quality was visibly much better, and the bitrate was about 17Mbps.

Does anyone know the bitrate of the HD channel on the LPB Mux?
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Glad you brought up LPB. I enjoyed those 3 channels until recently when I found I was not able to receive any of them on any day at any time. It's like somebody threw the switch and the tp is gone. I know from others in the central US that LPB is still there. Have you noticed any change in your signal strength there over the last few weeks?

Maybe somebody has capability to measure the bitrate for you.
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that mux was moved from AMC21 125W to SES 2 87W in early December.

11808 H 12475

Just happened to look at that the other day..
PID 0x0061 is the video PID for LPB HD
0x0061 (63.58% - 14.20 Mbps)
It's still MPEG2 at 10180i, so it's probably comparable to your
local OTA PBS station. But it may be more reliable depending on how
well you can receive the WNPI signal OTA now.
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Your best bet on good picture quality is going to be the feeds on 125W. LPB, like WNPI, has two subchannels, and is running their HD at a variable bitrate. Not sure what the exact range is, but I believe it to be 10-15 Mbps or so.

- Trip
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Thanks for the info. I'm able to get WNPI reliably OTA.

I'm not able to get PBS on 125W very well. I can get the 12180 mux fine, but 12140 is borderline for me. I've never been able to get a lock on the DVB-S2 transponders for OETA and MPBS.

During last summer, I was able to record a couple of shows from PBS HD East and the quality was noticeably better than what I'd seen on WNPI. I though it might be worth at shot to try for the LPB mux on 87W, if the quality is better and it's easier to receive.

I gave it a try last night, but I'm not getting much signal on my 76cm dish. I'll try to tweak the aim again tonight.
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