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Default US Nets but Canadian Versions?

Is just me or has anyone else noticed in the last little while US Nets have partnered with Canada broadcasters to bring the nets into Canada?

True its a Canadian Version with some Canadian Content but in most cases its the US programing?


HBO Canada Here
F/X US now F/X Canada
ABC Spark coming in March
Cartoon Network /Adult Swim coming TBA

just to name a few.

Something tells me we're going to see alot of this.

And why?

Programing Rights/Exclusives.

If a Canadian Broadcasters launches a Canadian Version of a US channel and strikes a deal with so said channels getting exclusive rights to that programing the only way you'll get to see that is either subbing to that channel in Canada or get a US service like Dish or Direct.

True you can get via the web and such, but thats a hassle trying to download it via your computer, while its just simpler viewing on TV.

But then again I'm not that computer friendly so I prefer the TV way more.

Last edited by MCIBUS; 2012-02-03 at 09:07 AM. Reason: Correct two networks should be one- Cartoon Network/Adult Swim
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