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Default 530 scrolling bars - reboots - freeze -

I've had this 530 a long time. ITs been very dependable until now. Rebooting and dies. Does not record. I don't want to buy another receiver as this cost me a bundle. What will SD do as its under multiple warranty??
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Scrolling bars is an indication of a ground loop. Either your equipment or RF-coax is improperly grounded. Proper grounding of, and proper electricity to, equipment should solve that issue and perhaps help with the others. A UPS is often recommended for any PVR.

Another item of concern is heat, since it's a killer for electronics. Make sure your equipment is well ventilated.
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Yes! The equipment is well ventilated. Internals read 39C. DVR powered off when not in use. Surge bar is new and properly grounded. I suspect other issues.
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By "scrolling bars", you mean the blue bars on the DVR 530, right? If so, SD will swap it out for a DVR 630 at no charge. You can usually get the shipping charge waived, also.
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Despite the 530 bad reputation, I haven't had problems until now. Sounds like some have reviewed the 630's firmware as still buggy... pixilation and recording problems.

Although the 530 is discontinued, they offer a refurbed 530 for free , subject to shipping charge!
There is no 630 free replacement! The usual upgrade promo @ $100.00 + shipping applies.
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Sirius Guy
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530 is not MPEG4 capable so I would take the 630 for $100.
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and the shipping charges are $15.
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When is Mpeg4 going to be fully implemented?
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If you don't want to buy the 630, then try doing a full factory reset on the 530, then turning off the live on disc feature. I'm not sure what the scrolling bars are, so I'm not sure if that means your 530 is now dead. But certainly, in my experience, the 530 works better when you don't use the live on disc feature. I know it shouldn't be that way, but it is on some 530s.

Also, regarding the 630, were you on with Customer Relations? If not, try calling back and asking for Customer Relations. They might offer you a better deal, depending on certain factors like how long you've been a customer. You might at least get the shipping charge waived.

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