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I agree with everything you said GeorgeMX. It would take a lot of cash. Cash I'm sure the shareholders of Shaw see no reason to spend at the moment. Its really just the request of an interested customer that wants access to a great service at an attractive price.

I guess we can't forget about the "competition" issue when it comes to adding new channels as well. We seems to have set up this vertical market in Canada without the proper regulation to keep these companies that both create and distribute content from playing games with each other with regards to access to new channels.
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Quality and quantity are trade-offs just like regulation versus free market competition. I think that the satellite capacity constraints may be causing CTV and possibly Shaw to keep some channels in SD only even when the technical capability exists to provide HD. Offering HD versions to the competition (Rogers and the other cable companies) when the BDU that owns you can't deliver it doesn't make sense in a competitive environment. CTV uses HD programming from BNN but the service isn't offered in HD yet. The Queen street facility has been upgraded, at least in part, so more services could probably be in HD. I don't know what the situation is with Shaw but the same competitive logic applies.

I think that the BDU industry needs to look carefully at the HD format used for various services. BNN and The Weather Network would do just fine in 720p30 and use less bandwidth. The news channels could be distributed in 720p30 as well. Pure movie channels could be 1080p24 or 720p24. Why bother with higher frame rates when film is 24p? I think that 4 or 5 services at 720p30 or 720p24 could fit into 256 QAM or 8 PSK.

Just my 2 cents...
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