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Default A deal too good to be true?

Okay so I have an iphone 3g and I've had service on Rogers wireless for almost a year with it. My current plans are a talk time plan and their "value bundle" for iphones that includes 500mb/mo of data, unlimited texting/video messages and call id, visual voice mail.

I'm currently on the road for a few weeks visiting family in another town and while taking a break at a motel along the way I decided to call Rogers to see if there existed some kind of temporary plan to boost the amount of data usage allowed for this month because I'll be out at a camp away from internet access. I've been tethering my iphone to my laptop. The woman I talked to put me on hold for a few minutes then came back and told me she was able to put me on some kind of promotion going on right now where I get 3 months of unlimited data (which I assume to mean 5gb based on the fineprint to their other plans), but the weird thing is I didn't have to sign up for any new services or anything, nor will I have to call and cancel it at the end of the 3 months, apparently it will just automatically end.

What I'm basically wondering is if theres some kind of catch that she neglected to mention. It seems odd to just call and get unlimited data for 3 months without having to spend a penny or add any services. Does this kind of thing happen often?
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I don't know of any catch she's no mentioning, but I wouldn't trust the "automatically end" part of the deal. A good friend of mine had something added to his account temporarily and it took 3 months to get it removed, all the while being billed for it each month. Just call to ensure its removed!
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What's the monthly fee for this promotional data plan?
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you probaly had your data plan changed, and most of the time there is a promottional term of unlimited data, for 3 months, but find out what the "monthly fee" of data is for the data plan she put you on, you should inquire this because its your bill. dont assume unlimited internet means free internet.
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You also probably signed up for a three-year term. Rogers have these promotions, they don't always cost any more than what you current pay, but they do sign you up for three years.
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make sure you differentiate between data term and voice term. because ive seen people on month to month plan (no agreement term), but have a 3-year data contract cus they added data or blackberry and use their own phone hence they did not take a voice agreement
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