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Default Web Page Creation - Software + Instructions

I have Windows 7, Internet Explorer 8, Wordperfect Office X4, Canon Digital Camera, HP PhotoSmart and Gadwin Print Screen.

My aim is to create a simple personal Web Page to house and transmit such things as photos and screen snap shots. This capability would be very useful to me at times to include a photo or an explanatory sketch with my E-mail or posts to technical forums.

Do I need anything more than what I have listed above to create such a simple Web Page. If I need special software, are there any known free applications or instructions that I can download.

Any advice or suggestion will be appreciated.
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If you know html code, then all you need is notepad to write your pages, or if you don't the language, then you need an html editor (probably a wysiwyg editor is easiest, but not necessarily the best code). Then you can either host the webpage yourself on your own PC, or for safety reasons, it is probably easiest in your case if you use your ISP providers webpage service, if they have one. Most have a small amount of free webspace with each account. If using your ISP, then you will need a means to upload your webpages, so you will need an ftp program as well.
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Fiddler, best to just use one of the many photo hosting (or social media) sites to house your photos.

Flickr, Facebook, photobucket and so on.
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Default suggestion for learning

You can try Komposer and edit the code on the fly. You then need to set up a web page on your ISP with an ftp client and name it. After all a web page is just a file(directory set) held somewhere with a specific internet address.

Think of it this way..... it is like the sub directories on your computer only you need to use html tags to send the browser of the person viewing the page to the right address to view the content selected and give them a way to navigate through the files.

The most important tags are very simple ones like <a>.... for example using the code

<a href="http://slashdot.org"> a very popular and crazy forum</a>

will create a link that will send the user to somewhere they might not ever return or recover from!

I would suggest that you buy a simple book on html xhtml and css before you venture further. Komposer is WYSIWYG but if you know nothing of how to use <head> <body> and how to terminate them then it will be a steep learning curve.

PS most modern browsers can let you see the source code of what you are looking at by right clicking and selecting view page source. It is a very good way to learn html. I would post some but it might cause all sorts of issues and get me kicked off this forum

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For simplicity and ease of use I would recommend a blog hosted by one of the larger free blog websites such as Blogger (by Google) or typepad or wordpress.

Any of these options host pictures and descriptions, etc. Plus its another venue to get the word out there about your work if that's a goal of yours.
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Default Web Page - Creation

Thanks all for replying

Since I donít know anything about HIML code and am not planning on becoming an expert Web Page designer, I think I will settle for one of those WYSIWYG editors.

I had a quick look at a few of those listed in Wikipedia and KompoZer looks to be a good choice for a beginner like me. I donít need to know HTML code to use this software and it is also compatible with Linux Ubuntu which I use as my second OS. Another advantage is that it gives me direct access to a Forum where I can read about the experiences of other users and ask questions if need be.

I will start with the Readme files and How to sections in Kompozer Help but will also look at other editors such as Blogger before I make my final choice.
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Default Keep it simple and you will be amazed how easy html is!

Originally Posted by Fiddler View Post
Thanks all for replying

Since I don’t know anything about HIML code and am not planning on becoming an expert Web Page designer, I think I will settle for one of those WYSIWYG editors.
Yes this is a very good way to learn some basic HTML and XHTML and yet you can still create a simple functional page without any knowledge in the beginning. The really important part of learning some basic HTML is the fact that you can edit links without removing code that way. You just update the address specified withing the tag. Then save the changes to your page. The trouble with software like IWeb and others that try to do everything without the user having to input code at all is then there is a tonne of code created by the editor that is completely unintelligible to the user! If you rely on CSS from this kind of software then the code can be
  1. Hard to maintain
  2. not cross browser compatible
  3. bulky slow to load on things like cell phones and computers with a slow connection
All these things are a consideration when building a simple, quick and stable page.

Keep up the quest to learn
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