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Default list of Eastlink digital cable boxes

Hi all,

I've been considering buying a digital cable box rather than renting, and thought it might be a good idea to put together a list of compatible boxes that Eastlink customers can use with Eastlink digital cable. I'll keep this first post in this thread updated, if people will post updates in this thread as new equipment is made available, or old equipment is phased out.

I'll start it off:

*** LAST UPDATED NOVEMBER 18, 2009 ***

*** ALWAYS confirm with Eastlink that a box you're thinking of buying
will work on their system, BEFORE you buy it!! ***

Motorola DCT-2000
Motorola DCT-2500

Motorola DCT-6200

Motorola DCT-6412 (Phases I, II, and III)
Motorola DCT-6416 (Phases I, II, and III)
Motorola DCT-6802 (per this user report:
Pace TDC775D (per this user report:

Can anyone add equipment to this list?

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I think some members here have posted that they've got Pace TDC775D DVR's, or was that in the Delta thread?
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Thanks! Looks like you're right, one person did report Eastlink renting them a Pace:

I'll update the list.
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Default EastLink Regions

You may want to break the list into the 3 or 4 different major operating regions as not all regions use the same models or can support the same.
and maybe Alberta

Just an idea.
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That's a good idea; I'd love to do that. Unfortunately, I don't know if there's enough input on which regions use which boxes. If anyone wants to provide that info I'll be happy to post it; until then, I'll just add a note about the regional differences in the original post of this thread.


EDIT: Hmmm, actually I don't seem to be able to edit that 1st post. For anyone reading the thread--yes, again, ALWAYS confirm the box with your local Eastlink provider to make sure it will work.
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I just purchased a Cogeco DCT-6200 / 1000 secondhand and when I tried to get it authorized (I checked with Eastlink prior to buying it, it should work) I was having nothing but trouble. The symptoms were: I could tune to any channel but always getting a blank screen with message saying "The channel will be available shortly." The program guide was showing all channels as "info not available." The Eastlink techs tried sending activations to the box to get it to reset and download firmware but it would not take.

After a bunch of searching I found a procedure to factory default the receiver (use at your own risk):
  • Unplug the receiver
  • press and hold power and menu
  • plug in the box
  • wait until the display shows "boot"
  • let go of power and menu
  • use the up / down arrows to select "n dl"
  • hit select
  • wait 1-2 hours until the box turns off
  • press power on the receiver
  • you should now have a "0" display
  • call Eastlink, get them to send an activation
  • enjoy!

Now I am able to use my secondhand DCT-6200 / 1000
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