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Old 2005-10-11, 05:02 PM   #1
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Default Email sent to CTV/CRTC concerning that pathetic CTV logo with simsubs on BEV

Well CTV is now simsubbing again and a new season of CRTC emails has begun. I have just sent one off to the CRTC/CTV concerning that pathetic CTV logo bug they put over U.S. network logo's.

Here is my email:

Good afternoon:

I am writing to complain about the simsub practises of CTV for the TV program CSI. The U.S. network was CBS and was shown at 7pm on Oct 8/05 on Bell Expressvu on channel 817 which is the CBS east HD channel. Now I realize that as a consumer paying for these channels that the money I pay means nothing to the CRTC or the broadcast industry in Canada (or the fact that Toronto commercials mean nothing to western viewers), but surely to god the CRTC/CTV can do something to get rid of that irritating and annoying CTV logo.

Simsubbing is supposed to be so the profits stay huge for the canadian broadcast system in the name of canadian culture (and we all know how much culture canadian broadcasters put back into canadian production), but this does not mean that while legally stealing the channel I am watching I have to be subjected to that pathetic, annoying logo. Canadian broadcasters are already making considerable money from the advertising, this is not reason to subject viewers to the CTV logo.

I would dearly like to have the CRTC once do something for the canadian consumer instead of allowing canadian broadcasters to do what they wish, when they wish with no regard to what the consumer is getting. I would also like the CRTC to respond to this matter instead of ignoring me as they did concerning my last email with respect to Bell ExpressVu/Movie Central.

Annoyed Canadian,

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Old 2005-10-11, 05:28 PM   #2
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I agree with you. What's even more annoying is Global. You get their logo in the top right hand corner, and the network in the bottom right. I find the top right really distracting.

What I don't understand is this need to brand their stinking logos on any channels (US networks as well). Channels like YTV (I think Teletoon too), have a logo that flies in after a commercial, does it's thing, and then leaves. I'm ok with that. If they want to advertise their network, fine. But why are they trying to burn their logo into my TV???????
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Old 2005-10-11, 05:44 PM   #3
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Hey just wait Wires:

Soon we will have the U.S. station logo on the bottom right, the Canadian broadcasters logo on the top right, the Canadian flag on the top left, your provincial flad on the bottom left and scrolling along the bottom "Brought to you by the CRTC, rubber stamper of the canadian broadcast system because we can and will control what you watch in your FREE country"!

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Old 2005-10-11, 06:48 PM   #4
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I have only noticed a clear clean CTVHD logo on the simsubs I've seen so far. Much better then last year.
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Old 2005-10-11, 06:57 PM   #5
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Location: Calgary, AB
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Take a look at a CBS simsub and I know you will see the black crap!

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Old 2005-10-11, 07:13 PM   #6
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Our boradcasting system is a joke.Lets all go grey!!!
I'd rather see the global logo in the top corner than the ch grey/black crap thing covering 2/3 of the NBC logo.
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Old 2005-10-11, 07:26 PM   #7
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Last night's CSI Miami (10 pm EST) had a clear CTV logo in the lower right and no CBS logo at all.
This of course did not stop me from changing to my HD CBS OTA station in Buffalo (as someone who despises Simsubs - I feel very lucky to live so close to a good sized U.S. city)
p.s. loved your letter to the CRTC Altaman - well said
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Old 2005-10-11, 08:11 PM   #8
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The translucent logo is used when it's not a simsub - ie the CTV programme is on at a different time than the US network. A real simsub will have the black logo. There is a thread on that subject.
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Old 2005-10-14, 05:16 PM   #9
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guys, what is the word "OTA" that everyone uses? just trying to get familiar..
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Old 2005-10-14, 05:18 PM   #10
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OTA = "Over the Air"

It means using an antenna to get your TV versus Cablevision or Satellite.
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