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Default Falcon Beach - Global TV Jan. 29, 8pm

"If you’re into shows like The O.C., Dawson’s Creek and Beverly Hills 90210, tune in to Global Television on Saturday, January 29 at 8 pm to see Falcon Beach, the tv movie pilot for Canada’s own one-hour teen relationship drama series."

I've heard some really good things about this 2hr special pilot - definately worth checking out if you like this kind of show. If it does well they'll turn it into a series. Starring in the show is Steve Byers - rumoured to be one of Canada's best up and coming actors. Here's the link to the official web site:


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Do you really think this will be anywhere near the quality and entertainment value of the O.C.? I'm sorry, I've seen the commercials (unfortunately) and I will not be tuning in. I was quite skeptical about the O.C. as well when it came on Fox, but I gave it a try. It is very well done. I just cannot get excited about Canadian television. I have tried other shows done here in Canada and they simply do not compare for me at all. There is a lot of talk about Coner Gas for example and I tuned in for 10 minutes one day. Uggh. Nope, not for me.
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As Global decided to put it on Saturday's, it is doomed.

What's the point of putting a show like that on Saturday night?

Maybe if they didn't buy up sooooo much US programming, they would have room to showcase a Canadian show on a normal night.

And what, they don't even have room on CH? Alot of american shows on there two?

What about Prime? Oh wait, reruns of shows that were on Global and CH during the week.

Ok, I'm done. I hate Global, with there " Global's Bought It!" They do nothing for Canadian TV.
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They also filmed this during one of the coldest, wetest, and worst Manitoban Summers in a long time. (there was a story in the Winnipeg Free Press a couple weeks ago about this show)

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Default Pretty damn good!

I caught the show on Saturday night and I'm quite frankly impressed! It had all the makings of a hit show (and note that I don't have to add 'Canadian' in that phrase) Granted, it did not have the big budget American feel to it, but it has a great story line, a great cast (the bikini shots certainly don't hurt) and it deals with real teen life. It does remind me a little of my own summers at the cottage - minus the hot girls in bikinis.

You could tell the water was a little cold, and based on the last post indicating that it was a cold Winnipeg summer, I'd hate to be the guy who jumped off the dock buck naked (shrinkage). I'm sure his fellow cast members had a few laughs at his expense.

I for one hope they pick this one up for a season or two - beats the hell out of Corner Gas and that damn Train 48 crap - how it survives is beyond me. Those are the shows that give Canadian content a bad name.

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I was a "special extra" (at least thats what it said on the pay sheets) in Falcon Beach and let me tell you, we were in the water at 7:00 am, and that was FREEEEEEEEEEEZING. We all had sweaters and sweatpants and stuff we'd throw on in between scenes, and half the time that it seems sunny it wasnt sunny at all, they had a fake sun which was just an intense light because it was cloudy and rainy practically every day.
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I don't see any real similarities between The OC and Falcon Beach. One is about an outsider who moves into privileged high society. One is about summer cottagers/townies near a beach. Probably less than 10% of the scenes in The OC take place at the beach or near the beach. Probably 90% of the scenes in Falcon Beach occur at the beach area, boardwalk and marina.
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OOPS forgot the OC is on Thursdays

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No, it's on Wednesdays now. With repeats on Saturday.
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