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Old 2012-04-29, 06:48 PM   #1
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Default looking to upgrade from Internet Essential

I'm currently paying full price for Internet Essential (2 MB) on a grandfathered plan that has a higer cap than currently offered (20 GB, I think, so it's notihng special, but better than thr 2GB currently offered).

My neighbourhood has recently upgraded speedwise, and I know my 2Wire was sync above 12 MB. (I'm about 400m from the remote)

I'd like to know my options before I phone Bell.
I'd like:

1. a better modem than the 2wire, at least one that Bell allows the user to see the firewall logs and statistics

2. higher speeds - I'm thinking either 6 or 12 MB, and a cap over 20 GB

3. pay less that the $44 or so I'm currently paying every month?

What can I get? Pricewise, I'd rather lock into a low rate indefinitely as opposed to getting something like 50% off for only 6 months, and I'd prefer to stay away from contracts.
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As far as I know Bell doesn't make you sign a contract for internet your free to cancel at anytime. I have the 6Mb down/1Mb upload and I am paying just over $40 (tax Included) a month for the service

As far as the cap I called to complain that the 25GB cap they offered was to low a few months after I had the service. They offered to change my data cap to 65GB a month at no charge and throw in another 40GB per month for 1 year. (they told me I would need to call again in a year if I wanted to keep the 40GB) So currently my cap is 105GB
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Old 2012-04-30, 08:42 AM   #3
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Are you bent on sticking with Bell?

If not, there are lots of other whole-sale providers who can give you what you're looking for, for a better rate.

For an example, Primus.


Primus can give you 7mb down, 1 up with unlimited usage for $38.

There are lots of others offering similar packages, such as Teksavvy, Distributel and a host of others. They also have dedicated Canadian support.
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Old 2012-04-30, 08:55 AM   #4
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Teksavvy: 6Mb 75GB cap $29.99, 300GB cap $34.99; 12Mb 75GB cap $39.99, 300GB cap $41.99; 16Mb 75GB cap $42.99, 300GB cap $45.99. Activation $95 + modem $85.
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Location: Craig Henry (Greenbank/Hunt Club), Nepean, ON
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Thanks for the competitive info.
I'm leaning towards staying with Bell because:
1. one of the familes' five email addresses may be hard to change
2. I'd like to keep a landline (as opposed to VOIP), and I find 3rd party resellers of Bell services aren't necessariy cheaper
3. When the sympatico direct forums work over at that "other site" (currently, they're down for a few weeks due to an unexpected hardware failure due to a power outage), I'm able to get direct, knowledgeable support, even if I had to wait a day or two for a reply sometimes.

Nonetheless, I'm open to seeing what else is out there. I'm also about to cancel my Rogers cable (we hardly ever watch TV, and OTA and web streaming will be enough as soon as I get my PBS reception more reliable), so I'll probably do that first just to see what Rogers' has to offer me to stay so I can use that in negociating with Bell.
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Old 2012-05-25, 01:30 AM   #6
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Hello tvlurker,

I am also in Ottawa (Alta Vista area) and am also looking to upgrade from my Essential Plus service to a Fibe offering. My reasons for sticking with Bell are pretty similar to what you have outlined. I was wondering if you have made the switch and what your experience has been. I currently have a new 2wire modem (my old 2wire gave up the ghost in mid-April) and wondering if they are giving Fibe customers new(er) modems) or making them use the same 2wire modems.

Any thoughts and impressions on your upgrade would be most helpful and appreciated.
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