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Angry Channel 396 Freezing

I have the Motorola 600 Essential HD Receiver and have noticed that whenever I tune into CPAC on channel 396 on the classic lineup, the audio is there, the closed captioning is running, but the picture is completely frozen. I have to tune to another channel and then tune back to 396 for the picture to "unfreeze". (I have never had this occur on any other channel, BTW.)

Obviously this is not normal behavior, but is anyone else having this problem with this or any of the other 600 series units?

Is there some type of fix or do I just have a defective unit?

Is Stephen Harper behind any of this? (Sorry, I couldn't resist.)
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Haven't watched CPAC for a while but did notice the the freezing problem back when I was last watching the channel during the election last spring. Was trying it this morning and was not able to get it to freeze. Maybe unplug the receiver for a minute or two might fix the problem.
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600, picture freezing

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