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Default TSN2 showing Winter Olympics

Last few weeks it was curling. Now the Olympics.
Seems to have changed a little from the TSN 3 hour delay channel.
Andy K.
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5th - Moguls
6th - Ski Cross
7th - Snowboard Cross and Parallel Giant Slalom
8th - Skeleton

12th - Bobsleigh
13th - Short Track Speed Skating
14th - Long Track Speed Skating

19th - Figure Skating Men's
20th - Figure Skating Women's
21st - Figure Skating Dance
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NB Josh
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I watched it last night, not sure how much more I'll watch, but the moguls were way back at the start and I figured they were worth watching again.
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I'm sure I'm not alone in hoping they air the gold medal hockey game in its entirety again... I lost it shortly after when my DVR crashed, would love to record it again.
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NB Josh
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I'm sure they will, and I'm interested to see what the ratings will be. Its hockey and there isn't any other hockey on, I could see it pulling in decent numbers. I would assume that on top of what's already scheduled, they will at least show these events

men's hockey gold (and maybe bronze too?)
women's hockey gold
men's curling gold
women's curling gold
figure skating pairs

I'm hoping for snowboarding halfpipe and alpine skiing too, but since Canada didn't get a medal in any of those events I'm not getting my hopes up.
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NBJosh: Not totally true. There is still hockey on, just not on channels that are not subscription. NHL Network shows the last Stanley Cup Playoffs plus older games. ESPN Classic Canada and people in Ontario who get LeafsTV get older games.
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