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Default Mystery Movies We Watch Over & Over: Why?

What makes a Mystery or any other movie watchable over and over again? We know the plot and the outcome so it can't be for that reason.

Take something like Chinatown or The Maltese Falcon. IMHO these are examples of films watchable over and over even though we know what's going to happen.

Plot, Acting, Cinematography, Sound Quality....What does it for you?

What makes you invest in a Movie? Is a 5 star Video and Audio rating enough?
IMHO it's not.
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Plot, Acting, Cinematography, Sound Quality....What does it for you?
The first three are the main reasons.

The other factor is what I'll call 'just plain fun to watch'. These are movies which are not necessarily great for any one reason but can be watched over and over.
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Yep one example is "Total Recall". Everytime I put it on even for some kind of check or other I get caught up in it and watch to the end.
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Chinatown or The Maltese Falcon are two of my favourites. Casablanca is probably at the top of the list. For me, it's mostly about characters and dialogue. The characters must be interesting to watch and the dialogue must be believable. A few memorable lines also help. A good underdog plot also helps. Seeing the underdog vanquish the evil villain is always a good ending, especially if it is done with cunning or a little civil disobedience. Seeing the downtrodden saved is also rewarding.

Another element is escape. That's why 40's film noir and science fiction are repeatedly watchable. We don't live in that world, often wouldn't want to but it becomes believable enough to distance yourself from everyday life for an hour or two. It's sort of like a mini vacation in the living room. Watching a favourite movie again is sort of like revisiting a favourite place.

Edit: OOps, not all mystery movies. The above plus a really good puzzle.
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The Big Lebowski is a mystery movie as well as a brilliant comedy. Jeff Bridges' performance and all the comedic elements are what makes it so fun to watch over & over again.
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Roger Corman
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Depends on the movie.

Some are a showcase for an actor or director, which you rewatch just to be reminded how good they are.

Others I rewatch just to marvel at the craftmanship. When I first saw Citizen Kane and the original King Kong I thought they were good movies, but once I found out more about them I now rewatch them to marvel at how far ahead of their time they actually were.

Some like Monty Python movies demand multiple viewings to catch all the subtle (and not so subtle) things that you miss on the first viewings.
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Default I have trouble

Watching a movie more than once every year at most.
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Old 2010-02-18, 08:46 AM   #8
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One a year to once every five years - but some movies you just go back to. I agree!

However, one man's (person's? don't wanna be overtly sexist...) repeat is another's headache. Beyond a few of the classics, I bet the list of rewatchers will vary widely.

For me (in no particular order):
Pure Country
Strictly Ballroom
Streets Of Fire
Forbidden Planet

I am waiting to see Avatar in 2D, to see if it will join my list.
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If you enjoy the journey as well as the destination.
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The Sixth Sense. Even knowing the ending, it's still a great movie and great premise.

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Originally Posted by Mole View Post
If you enjoy the journey as well as the destination.
Bravo Mole! Right on.
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I'm probably the only person in the world who didn't see the ending of The Sixth Sense right from the beginning. I was really caught up in the story, and wasn't analysing it ahead of time, as I usually do, so for me it worked very well.
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