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Default Portable/collapsable/mobile UHF antenna?

Please do not laugh at me. I read with great interest the thread regarding Wacky,Tacky OTA Gear, BUT ! there must be something out there that is able to provide a decent signal for mobile applications. I am talking about something small and lightweight that could be used in a small camper while vacationing and yet be light enough to elevate it on an aluminum tube to a height sufficient for a decent signal and then fold it up for travel. Most of the RV equipment dealers still carry the collapsible aluminum antenna in a tube but it is actually made to fold up and store in a round tube fastened to your RV for travelling, and, is designed, I believe, primarily for VHF. Now that UHF has taken center stage, does anyone know of a reasonably good portable? Even highly directional would be fine since we would be aiming it manually anyway.

Thank You
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