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Originally Posted by roger1818 View Post
VHF-LO (total 38 or 2%)
Ch. 2 - 7 stations
Ch. 3 - 8 stations
Ch. 4 - 2 stations
Ch. 5 - 13 stations
Ch. 6 - 8 stations
So why don't they just tell 17 out of 1800 stations to abandon channels 2/3/4 and hand them over to the "White Space Coalition", and Google can stop whining? As someone who receives weak remote TV signals, I dread the possibility of Joe cranking up their device like the CB nutcases of years ago.
OTA brings you crystal-clear, uncompressed HDTV, no simsubbing, and the real SuperBowl commercials. You can't get all that on satellite... OR CABLE.
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