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Default My BBM Television Diary

I was contacted by BBM a few weeks ago and was asked if I would participate in a mail out survey. I agreed and it came last week. It covers a period of 7 days. I was away for half the period so those days do not require and entries. But since I only have TV via OTA the picks are limited. Also, my broadcast TV viewing is very limited. But I am making sure they have OTAers represented.

In the survey they want to know what DVDs titles you watch but no mention of Bluray or any other sources like Netflix or iTunes or streaming websites of stations. Also, they don't seem to distinguish between analog and digital broadcasts. I plan to use the .1 to indicate if it is a digital channel. There is a comments section at the end but they ask that they be regarding "programs, stations and commercials".

There are also questions about other aspects like; newspapers, vehicles, recreation, computers, travel, food, money and elections.

Anyone else get one?
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