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Pawns4Mons 2008-07-31 09:10 PM

Gaming Computer Halp
Im looking for a good gaming computer that can handle the top of the line games (im hoping to play fallout 3) and i need some suggestions and prices on a computer that will play those BIG games and not lag or force me to use the lowest graphics settings i can. Also i dont care about wireless so if there is a model with some fancy wireless Doo-Dad that makes the overall cost $300 more, if its cheap leave it in.

Brewskie19 2008-07-31 09:31 PM

I just built this system:

Intel Core 2 Quad Q9450
Zalman CNPS9500A LED Heatsink
Asus P5N72-T Premium Socket 775
Corsair XMS2 Dominator TWIN2X4096-8500C5DF Matched Pairs 4GB Kit
Thermaltake VH8000BWS Armor+ MX Mid-Tower Case
Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 SATA NCQ 3.0Gb/s 750GB 32MB
LG G-H20L-S10 /Black SATA LightScribe DVD-Writer 20xDVD+R
OCZ ProXStream 1000W Power Supply
EVGA GeForce GTX 280 SSC
Creative Sound Blaster X-FI Xtreme Audio 24BIT Sound Card 7.1 PCI
Samsung Syncmaster 2253BW Black 22" Widescreen LCD - 1680x1050, 2ms
Microsoft (B2M-00013) Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000
Microsoft (69K-00007) Natural Wireless Laser Mouse 6000
Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium 64-Bit

I did alot of research and this is best system at a reasonable cost without cutting corners.
Go to canadacomputers, they have the best prices on 95% of the items you will want.
I wouldn't expect to get a good gaming tower without spending near the $2000 range.

Pawns4Mons 2008-07-31 09:52 PM

Model: Mercenary MC-500
Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4GHz quad-core
Motherboard: ASUS P5K/EPU Socket 775 Intel P35 chipset
Memory: 2GB DDR2 800MHz (2x1GB)
Hard Drive: 500GB SATA
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT 512MB DDR3
Audio: Onboard High Definition 6-channel
Optical Drive: 20X DVD-writer SATA
Chassis: Antec Sonata III Quiet Mid Tower (Metallic Charcoal, Canada Computers' Exclusive)
Power Supply: 500W PSU

_________^^^^^ This one seems like it could probs play some of those BIG games, only thing that churns me on those stats is the Audio. but other than that it looks good to me, my freind has about half these requirments and he just bought a $250 Graphic card and he can run oblivion just fine

spensar 2008-08-01 09:28 AM

The problem with most name brand computers is a poor graphic card, and that is more important than having the fastest new processor. I think Tom's Hardware did a review comparing the relative benefits of CPU upgrades vs. video and at the end of the day, the CPU was very marginal compared to the graphics card.

You are likely best off to decide what your budget is and see what that gets you from a local shop, unless you want to build your own. You may wish to look for a board that handles SLI or Crossifre configurations so that as video card prices come down, you can add a 2nd card to extend the life of your rig.

You can also see what the name brand guys have, but be sure there is an open pci-e slot and plan on upgrading the graphics card as part of the purchase price. The Radeon 4850 and 4870 were recently released at very aggresive prices, and are excellent cards. Last week NCIX had the 4850 on sale for $150. Benchmarks for these cards are all over the net.

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