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viper359 2012-01-18 03:05 PM

New Firmware / (HD) IPG for 8642, 4642 Discussions - Read Post 1 and Links There
Edit by 57 - 2016.03.26:

This thread was developed when the RTN firmware was new. Rogers has pushed the new Navigatr firmware to 8642 and 9865 PVRs & 4642 STBs. (NB2, NB3) Search for Navigatr on this forum to see the new threads on that topic. This thread has been closed and unstuck.

Here's a link to the Rogers info on the new IPG - please read these instructions before asking how to do something since most items are outlined here:

To discuss the Whole Home PVR, please use the following thread:

Whole Home PVR in Ontario Discussions (NextBox 2.0/3.0) - Canadian TV, Computing and Home Theatre Forums

Here's a link for the latest issues and other relevant information regarding the new firmware/IPG. Thanks to viper359 for this summary and the tips that follow the summary.

New Firmware / (HD) IPG for 8642, 4642 Discussions - Read Post 1 and Links There - Page 55 - Canadian TV, Computing and Home Theatre Forums

Well, its not a rumour anymore. I just got something in the mail. I am about to scan it and post it here for you folks.

Edit by 57. I have split these firmware/IPG discussions from the "Whole Home" thread since they can apply to any 8642 or 4642.

viper359 2012-01-18 03:19 PM

Humbar 2012-01-18 05:28 PM

From the photo provided, it appears their are still no channel icons, and they are still using stupid 5 character channel acronyms. Can they not put the full name of the channel next to the channel number with the appropriate icon.

Paolo 2012-01-18 06:51 PM

looks like they finally got the QSG to work on the x642 series boxes. that means caller id too?

as for the channel icons, i would rather them have the full call letters such as HGTV and a little (HD) graphic to differentiate between hd and sd vers of the same channel, rather than cramming the call leters like HHGTV, etc.. makes more sense.

mr shady 2012-01-18 07:52 PM

There still is NO caller id on cisco boxes @ this time these boxes are being called hybird boxes! enhanced ect... because they are able to be networked with other ciscos! i know for a fact there will be issues this as all new products have issues! but this will put a bit of a pinch in bell fibe!

kibosh 2012-01-18 08:52 PM

Looks like the new ipg will be independant of the whole home installation charge. But it is not completely clear.

rvs007 2012-01-18 09:52 PM

No difference than the 8642HD already deployed. I am a beta tester for the new IPG and the Whole home PVR and I didn't need to switch out my 8642HD PVR and 4642HD terminals. The technician has to install a filter in the basement where the coax cable comes into the house and is split off to the different rooms. The filter allows the boxes to communicate with each other.

I also got the notice of the new IPG & Whole Home PVR features in the mail today. The beta testing for the IPG started in December and late December for the Whole Home PVR. Apparently, Roger employees were the first guinea pigs for the Whole Home PVR in Ontario. I was the first batch of customers that got the feature as beta testers.

Rogers still has a few bugs to iron out. The new IPG was real sluggish at the beginning with lots of features missing. But 2 versions later, it is coming along.

icemankent 2012-01-19 01:47 PM

Has (anyone) received the updated firmware with the new IPG ?

If so, where are you located ?

I'd love to know what the rollout schedule is - and what areas will be done first.

I am looking forward to the new 16:9 aspect ratio guide here in Ottawa !

hugh 2012-01-19 01:54 PM


I am a beta tester for the new IPG and the Whole home PVR
So you're a Rogers Employee?

ryandude_12345 2012-01-19 10:36 PM

The new IPG should be on your Enhanced PVR or HD Cisco boxes on Monday (January 23)

soliditalstud 2012-01-19 11:25 PM

exactly what rvs said..

and also as the flyers in the mail said.. the new guides deploying early next week and by the time February 7th hits, all customers will be able to search for shows by better and more efficiently...its a cleaner and more fluid IPG with a weather application as well

the 49.99 install fee for the Whole Home PVR is a one time charge for new and existing customers. for new customers subscribing to cable will have the whole home pvr installation included in that. just has to be requested before hand so the technician has the filters ready to be applied to the necessary boxes.

timberland29 2012-01-20 12:49 AM

Website with details about new guide and whole home pvr

timberland29 2012-01-20 02:27 AM

Does guide show 14 days ahead?
Any one know if the new guide will allow us to see 14 days ahead like bell does?

rvs007 2012-01-20 08:23 AM

@timberland29: No, the guide only shows programming for the next 7 days just like before.

@Cybr9: Although I don't have multiple PVRs in my set up, I don't see why not. You can assign a unique name for each PVR & terminal (e.g. Living Room, Family Room, Bedroom, etc.) and every terminal/PVR has the ability to see recordings from other PVRs within the Whole Home network. So I'm pretty sure it is possible.

flaminghomer 2012-01-20 08:46 AM

According to that website:
The channel guide can be customized to only display your favourite channels
:D Cue the voiceless choir and heavenly beam of light! :D

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