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musiclvr 2010-12-26 12:26 PM

Programming Sony DAV HDX466
hi...need help programming my MP3 CD in HDX466. As I was checking out my player I seen the program button listed in the display column. So later i went to it to try programming the CD and the program button is not there... instead it has DATA listed where the program button was and I now cannot program my CD!! Can anyone help me change this back to program?????

hugh 2010-12-26 04:32 PM

No idea what you are talking about or what you mean by programming you CD. I recommend reviewing your manual.

To get an answer here, you will to tell us what your trying to do, what equipment you are working with, how things are connected and so. Otherwise there is little that anyone can say.

57 2010-12-26 08:37 PM

CDs can contain different files. If you insert a purchased music CD for example, you may be able to programme tracks - try one. If you insert a data CD, then you may not be able to programme or even play depending on what's on the CD? Compatible files are probably listed in the operating manual, as mentioned by Hugh.

musiclvr 2010-12-27 03:07 PM

Hi again....sorry about the lack of info. All I'm trying to do is program my MP3 CD to play the selected songs I would like to hear, as there are 170 songs on the CD. This is my problem....I inserted the CD into the hdx466, I hit the display button and the control menu appears, in the control menu there are a list of options, ex. track, shuffle, program(to select tracks for playing). I went into other options and I believe I changed a setting to data(Can't remember where I done this and I can't fine it to change it back). When I go into the control menu now, program is not one of the options in the list on the MP3 CD, but it does appear in the control menu when I have a disc that is pre-recorded.
Now I know that program was an option(on the mp3 CD) before I changed the settings, I tried resetting the player but no effect! I have the manual and it says program should be an option there!! The unit is hooked up correctly and all other features are working fine....I hope this makes it clear as to what I'm asking??
thanking you in advance,

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