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cm023 2009-08-29 05:12 PM

Are some of CTV repeaters for sure going to be shutting down?
So I never really herd if the Repeaters they requested to be shut down, were for sure going to be shut down. I'm really wondering about the Channel 2 CKCO repeater in Wiarton (near our cottage).

My Grandma (who is up here almost all the time) is devoted to the CKCO news and the channel is not on Shaw Direct also our other 2 tv's with set top antennas, its the only channel they can receive.

Our main tv up here is on the Roof Antenna and we have Shaw Direct for the summer so it's not completely the end of the world. I'm just more curious then anything.

I herd AUG 31st was the date they could do it.

mjjl 2009-08-29 10:31 PM

Although CTV did not apply to renew the licenses for certain transmitters including CKCO-TV-2 Wiarton, the CRTC did renew the licenses for all transmitters. It is my guess the transmitters will remain on the air until the DTV transition in 2011.

Blackburst 2009-08-31 10:52 AM

Well, we'll see tomorrow of any of those re-transmitters shut down.

Can folks post here if any of them shutdown in the next day or two.

Blackburst 2009-09-01 10:01 AM

Okay...looks like the CJOH-TV Channel 8 retransmitter in Cornwall,ON has not shut down. It was still on the air as of this morning.

mjjl 2009-09-01 11:05 AM

I received a report from Belleville that CJOH-TV-6 Deseronto was still on the air early this morning.

Kenair 2009-09-01 03:39 PM

I just checked and TV-2 Wiarton is still on the air.

Jase88 2009-09-02 09:26 PM

If you're concerned about losing OTA signals, I would encourage you to write the station. It's important that they hear from their audience.

This is why I always make a point of contacting a station if something is wrong with their broadcast. They need to know people are indeed watching OTA.

jiminct 2009-09-03 04:45 PM

Is CJOH in Deseronto and Cornwall still running?
We are at 9-3-09, so if they arent turned off...

GeoStar 2009-09-04 01:30 PM

I thought ctv 13 prided itself on community access to the local market..... and no ota dtv seems to fly in the face of that policy

Not everyone can have cable/ satellite etc for whatever reason , guess the comunitee members will have to fess up to all the money they haven't paid their sponsers over the years and get new sets, new converter boxes faster isp access etc yuk :/

Jase88 2009-09-04 03:41 PM

CTV Toronto has one of the strongest digital stations available; it's easily received throughout Kitchener-Waterloo with a simple UHF rooftop antenna.

mjjl 2009-09-04 08:11 PM


I thought ctv 13 prided itself on community access to the local market..... and no ota dtv seems to fly in the face of that policy
That was the CJOH of a different era. Today it's all about profits for the shareholders in Toronto. CJOH can do what it wants as far as its local news coverage goes (and even that's questionable nowadays with increasing influence from Toronto), but decisions on digital transmitters, programming, and such are up to the suits in Toronto who feel responsible only to shareholders.

bcgirl 2009-09-11 07:50 PM

Across CANADA - CTV stations to be discontinued?
I've been researching what's going on with OTA during the digital transition and it looks very bleak for everyone not living in one of the 5 (?) major cities in Canada. Came across a list of CTV stations that will not be renewed this fall (read: being taken off air). Just in time to miss the Olympics (CTV being the sole broadcaster of the games?) Complaints sent to the station may help, but there seems to be a bigger issue at work here....Check the list to see if you'll be affected:

CKAM-TV Upsalquitch Lake, NB; CKX-TV-3 McCreary, MB; CKCD-TV Campbellton, NB; CKYP-TV The Pas, MB; CKCW-TV-2 St. Edward, PE; CKYF-TV Flin Flon, MB; CJCH-TV-4 Bridgetown, NS; CKYS-TV Snow Lake, MB; CJCB-TV-4 New Glasgow, NS; CKYT-TV Thompson, MB; CJOH-TV-6 Deseronto, ON; CIPA-TV-2 Big River, SK; CJOH-TV-8 Lancaster, ON; CKCK-TV-7 Fort Qu’Appelle, SK; CJOH-TV-47 Pembroke, ON; CICC-TV-3 Hudson Bay, SK; CFTO-TV-21 Severn Falls, ON; CIWH-TV-1 Humboldt, SK; CFTO-TV-54 Bobcaygeon, ON CFCN-TV-4 Burmis, AB; CICI-TV-1 Elliot Lake, ON CFCN-TV-6 Drumheller, AB; CITO-TV-1 Kapuskasing, ON; CFCN-TV-7 Bassano, AB; CITO-TV-2 Kearns, ON; CFCN-TV-11 Sparwood, BC; CITO-TV-3 Hearst/Hallebourg,ON; CFCN-TV-12 Moyie, BC; CITO-TV-4 Chapleau, ON CFCN-TV-13 Pigeon Mountain, AB; CHBX-TV-1 Wawa, ON; CFCN-TV-16 Oyen, AB; CKNY-TV-11 Dwight, ON; CFCN-TV-17 Waterton Park, AB; CKCO-TV-2 Wiarton, ON; CFCN-TV-18 Coleman, AB; CKVR-1 LP Parry Sound, ON; CFRN-TV-7 Lougheed, AB; CKNX-TV Wingham ON; FRN-TV-10 Rocky Mountain House, AB; CHWI-TV-60 Windsor, ON; CFRN-TV-12 Athabasca, AB; CKX-TV-1 Foxwarren, MB; CFCN-TV-15 Invermere, BC; CKX-TV-2 Melita, MB

ota_canuck 2009-09-11 08:55 PM

Digital OTA will be wide spread across Canada permanent DTV allotments

stampeder 2009-09-11 10:13 PM

Use the Industry Canada listings for Canadian stations since the U.S. ones that are based on the FCC have incorrect info:

bcgirl, where exactly did you find that list?

tablo 2009-09-11 10:53 PM

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