: Shaw digital cable question

2003-12-21, 12:47 AM
If you subscribe to basic analog cable is the digital channels filtered out?

Also wondering if I could use a myhd card or other cable tuner card to view any of their digital channels in Alberta?

2003-12-21, 12:55 AM
I know Shaw has a digital package here in Winnipeg were you can get Basic Cable and 4 Us superstations and 40 Channels of commercial free music for 21.95, they call it Digital Basic.

Regarding the channels being filtered out, they are always there, just when you have a STB (DCT 2000,2500,5100 or 6200) hooked up they send a code to your box and it only allows you to view the channels you have paid for. Kinda like if you don't subscribe to Tiers 1,2 or 3 they put a filter on your line to block them, the STB is the filter which only allows you the channels you have ordered.

Thats what I believe it does, someone correct me if I am wrong

2003-12-21, 01:37 AM
nothing but shaw dct's can be used with shaw digital cable...

i think of digital cable as a network :) and set top boxes as the network interface box that connects you....channels are part of this network and the administrator(shaw) sets authorizations to which channels you can access. So without a digital box from shaw, that they authorize, you can't get into the network, so any pc tuner cards etc can't be used :(

and as shawguy said, the channels are always there, you just need a box to access them. w/o a box you can't decode the signals.

2004-01-14, 01:05 AM
well what about if you purchased a second stb from somewhere like ebay - same box DCT2224 digital. You're saying it won't work with shaw??

2004-01-14, 01:11 AM
you have to make sure that the box you're buying works with Shaw. As long as they will add the box into you account then you'll be able to use it. if you're buying a used you getting the serial or GI number of the box and making sure shaw will activate it is your best bet.

2004-01-14, 01:30 AM
Get it in writing from Shaw. Most cable companies will not "activate" a STB that has not been purchased from an appropriate retailer, or the cable company, or brought from another cable service area in a move.

The STB must, of course, be one of the STBs that the cable company uses/allows.

Analogue boxes were different. Everything changed with digital.

2004-01-14, 10:48 AM
and what's the chance of them activating it and is there an additional charge? I'm tired of shaw ripping me off as it is.

2004-01-14, 02:09 PM
I believe the charge is $2 per month for each additional STB.

2004-01-14, 02:11 PM
First STB is included in your package (the 1.99 fee) any additional STB you have bought you will pay a 1.99 extra fee for "warranty and guide information" according To Shaw Cable

2004-01-14, 03:05 PM
well I would say that is a reasonable charge. Now how to convince them to enable a DCT2224 I purchase from ebay....

2004-01-14, 08:08 PM
are you by any chance looking at my box on eBay? :)

I know for a fact mine will work :)

2004-01-14, 08:13 PM
how much would you like to sell it to me for :) and why are you selling it?