: ESPNHD increased content...will TSNHD?

Keith from Canada
2003-12-19, 03:55 PM
If you go to the ESPN HD broadcast site, you'll notice that they've increased their programming for January considerably. In addition to NFL games, they are offering college basketball and yes, they are offering a Canadian's dream...NHL hockey in HD!!!

Does anyone know if TSN HD will pick-up any of these events (most notably the hockey games)?

2003-12-19, 03:58 PM
A few threads exist on this subject. It seems that only 4 games overlap between the existing TSN and ESPN schedules so these games are candidates for HD.

If you really want HD hockey, then HDNET is your answer. 65 games/year.

ESPN does show the Stanley Cup finals in HD though (in conjuction with ABC).

The application for HDNET (as well as Discovery HD Theater) is currently before the CRTC. Let your voice be heard.

A few threads on the application, made by the cable industry exist as well.