: [360] HD DVD modification

2008-12-28, 03:19 AM
After reading some threads about modifying the 20GB HDD enclosure to fit a 120GB drive, it got me thinking about the HDDVD add-on drive. Would it be possible (probablity being something different altogether) to take out the drive and swap it for a blu-ray player, or an LG (HDDVD/Blu-ray) combo drive? Maybe with a little help of some firmware swapping?

I'm going to assume the HDDVD add-on is nothing other than a SATA to USB2.0 bridge inside a powered enclosure mounted with a HDDVD drive. When connected to any computer will play regular DVDs no problem. With some software it can read data HDDVDs, and with some CPU horsepower (of which I have not), and a video card & monitor with HDCP, you can watch HDDVDs on your computer too.

2008-12-28, 09:30 AM
Many people have used the 360 HD-DVD drive with their PCs.

In XP there was a UDF driver required and IIRC it was plug and play in Vista.

2008-12-29, 08:36 AM
I'm not certain why you'd want to put a blu-ray player in there, is it to just have an external drive for your PC (which you already said doesn't have horsepower to do movies so would be useless)? The Xbox can't play blu-ray movies since it doesn't have the software so I can't see any modification to the HDDVD drive being worth the effort?

the hawk
2008-12-30, 12:29 AM
I'm not certain why you'd want to put a blu-ray player in there

He probably wants to be able to watch blu-rays using his Xbox 360.

Frankly considering the hassle and the cost, to me it wouldn't be worth it with how cheap you can get a standalone blu-ray player these days (less than $200). Even if you could get it work you still would lose out on the HD surround codecs as the 360 can't output them.

2008-12-31, 12:40 AM
Hawk, you had it right. I was looking to play BR on the 360.

And you're right again, even if it did work, by the time I was done, with all the money and effort, I might as well have bought a BR stand alone player.