: Could someone please list Bell's HD programs

Tino D'Voe
2003-12-18, 04:42 PM
I posted this question a while ago in the starchoice forum with no answer, what programs are being shown by each sat provider? I can't get an actual list from anywhere, so I'm wondering if someone can post the shows on today or the next couple of days that are in TRUE HD and not some SD program upconverted.

I can list the starchoice HD programming in the next couple days;

-Hours and Hours and HOURS of Christmas at Luther college, and The Dulton hell ride special.
-CSI, Jag and a couple other sitcoms
-Jay Leno
-NY Vs. Raptors game (not sure if actual HD)

basicaly that's it for thursday and friday this week. If someone can list what's on their Bell IPG that's not mentioned here, that would be appreciated.

2003-12-18, 04:52 PM
See the FAQ on "what's on in HD".


I find Galaxy to be good for the network stations and there are individual links to all the other stations, as well as a link to Bell's HDTV schedule for movies...

Since the Bell offering is not that much different from Rogers, I can say that there are about 100 hours of new HD programming each week. 15-20 hours per week from each US network, plus dribs & drabs from the others. I am talking about true 16:9 HD.

Tino D'Voe
2003-12-18, 05:01 PM
I tried looking through the galaxy charts and the Bell website, but I'm not getting an accurate listing of what's in true HD, the starchoice info is not accurate either, so, if someone can look on their programming list that would be very kind.