: Samsung 32' LCD/HDTV sound problem

2008-12-26, 01:51 PM
Hi, not really sure which forum to post in but I have a small issue

I bought a Samsung 32' lcd hdtv and im trying to hook it up to my rogers cable box...the picture shows up but no sound whats so ever.

Same goes for my xbox 360..picture but no sound.

I'm pretty sure the sound on the tv works since it makes a sound when I turn on the tv..

I'm not sure if I've plugged in everything properly..I was hoping that there was like a guide to set it up since the instruction that came with the tv are very vague.


2009-01-06, 11:11 PM
Make sure that you sould have six wire come from your cable box (Component (green, blue, red) and RCA audio (red and white)...

the red and white one are for audio

if you are plugged with DVI - HDMI you have to pass the audio with RCA audio cable

If you are plugged with HDMI, everything should work, if not call Roger Technical support


2009-01-06, 11:29 PM
Please advise us:

1. Make/model of the TV
2. Make/model of the Rogers STB
3. Types of connection used between devices.

If using HDMI from STB to TV go into the STB Settings and under audio select HDMI.

Please see the following post and the relevant links - SA STBs, etc - useful for those new to the forum:


hmm, just noticed that this thread is quite a few days old. I assume that the OP probably found the issues.