: anyone have a sony KDL-42V4100?

2008-12-20, 06:08 PM
anyone have any problems with it?

is it a good model

sorry I have not seen any threads on this model and futureshop has a good price on it right now

2008-12-22, 12:56 PM
I got this model a couple of weeks ago and I am happy with it so far. Good HD picture, blueray looks great, SD could be a little better but I don't really have much to compare it to except an LG which I returned after I had it for a week, audio issue. I think it is a good bang for the buck

2008-12-22, 04:05 PM
I get that deal from FS too, nothing to say, I am really happy with this TV. Picture with sony blu-ray is great. I also did an update, easy and quick.
I am looking for the picture best setting calibration now, so if someone around have some info.:cool:

2008-12-29, 04:06 PM
Great TV and I stil like it after 2 weeks, btw flyingjoss, what update are you talking about?

2008-12-30, 01:36 AM
I am looking for the picture best setting calibration now, so if someone around have some infoEach TV is unique and there are no "best settings". Please see the following links on the topic:



And the following post and links, useful for those new to the forum:


2008-12-30, 07:22 AM
Well, I am using some settings which some other users are using with good results...will test them with my AVIA dvd when I have the time.

2009-01-02, 03:53 PM
Great TV and I stil like it after 2 weeks, btw flyingjoss, what update are you talking about?


Everything is explained there. :cool:


2009-01-03, 09:21 AM


2009-01-04, 08:55 PM
I bought the 52” Friday but returned it today. I compared the color gamut of my last year 40” W3000 with this V4100, very disappointed. I used Eye-one display 2 and Calman to check the color accuracy.

Blue is way under saturated a lot.
Red and green is over saturated.
Magenta and yellow is way off.

Color gradient is much smoother on W3000 (10-bit panel) than V4100 (8-bit panel), even though “experts” says it is just a gimmick from Sony. Shadow details and color depth follow same reason.

Sony TVs have been very good at color accuracy, but not this model.

Picture Quality:
1) Contrast
2) Color Accuracy
3) Resolution

2009-02-20, 01:54 PM
Different strokes and all that... I picked up the 42v a few weeks ago and I am very happy.

It took me 4 months of reading reviews and research, looking at dozens in stores and bringing my own dvd, hooking up different sources to the chagrin of the salesperson, and adjusting settings on my own. I looked into marketing hype such as 10 bit, 120 Hz, and motionflow, and examined sizes from 37 to 52. I considered Samsung and Sharp, Sony and others. I looked into plasma. At one point I even printed an image of the screen size to determine which size was best for my room. I had a budget of 1500 plus tax, and might have gone even higher if I felt it was warranted. Fortunately I spent significantly less, how often do people say that when it comes to home theater? In the Sony store they played the sources that made the absolute most of 120 hz, and I could easily tell the differences, but I found that it had little to do with image quality in day to day use. The 42v does support 24p which looks great from blu ray.

I'm not sure about under saturated blue out of the box. I thought blue was fine, red a bit strong. Far more important was that all picture modes had sharpness too high (for me at least), even for HD content. SD looked especially poor with the sharpness settings. But I dialed it down to taste. Done. The other settings were more or less ok. Don't use vivid, while it looks good at first it is simply blasting over-saturation at you. Of the TV's I examined, the V has the best black levels and white levels, and the screen seems to absorb and reflect the right amount of light compared to other models. Plasma screens simply reflected too much for my needs. Also the speakers are better than other models in my opinion.

My wife is glad I didn't go bigger. The picture is just the right size, SD looks reasonable and HD looks amazing. My PS3 does a decent job upscaling, but there is occaisional motion judder, not sure if it is the ps3 or the TV. I am now addicted to blu ray which looks amazing. I almost bit on the far more expensive Z series, but then I sat down and compared them and focused intently. The picture was the same, the rest is just marketing. Get the Z because it looks a bit nicer. By the way the V looks great in my room, I would avoid the S because it's a bit too plastic.

Let me know if you have any questions.