: Sound doesn't come out from all 6 Speakers - Through TV, HTiB.

2008-12-16, 06:59 PM
Hey first post here.

So like many people, I just got the sony bravia 42" V4100 series with the sony 5.1 home theatre system (is that how you call it?) Anyway, the 6 speakers are connected to the Sony dvd player that came in the package. Here's my problem. Whenever I try to output the TV audio to the 6 speakers, I only get the sound coming out from the two front speakers and the subwoofer, no sound coming out from the side speakers and the center speaker. Same thing happens when I connect my laptop (Dell M1330 with HDMI out) to the TV and play movies on the computer. When I play DVD movies using the Sony DVD players, the 6 speakers are fine. Does that mean my TV can't output sound using the 6 speakers? That would suck because I am planning to get an Xbox. Or did I not set up my equipment properly? I tried both red/white cord and the optical cord but no luck. One strange thing I discovered from the Sony site is that under specification, the 40V4100 and the 46V4100 have "5.1 surround audio out" listed, whereas the 42V4100 doesn't have it. Is it a typo because it wouldn't make sense if the 40" and the 46" models have this capability but not the 42".

I hope I didn't get a defective product and thanks in advance for your help :)

2008-12-16, 07:17 PM
Check your TV settings, seems like your TV is set for stereo instead of 5.1 surround (as you point out, the receivers reacts properly when using the sony DVD which seems to be recognised as sending 5.1 surround signal!)

2008-12-16, 07:51 PM
Under the Multi-channel TV sound option, it only has Stereo, Mono, and auto SAP. It doesn't have the 5.1 option :(

2008-12-16, 08:48 PM
i looked up your tv, it says "Optical digital audio output for Dolby® Digital"

I suspect that is only available from the built in ATSC tuner. And, of course, the program material has to have a DD 5.1 soundtrack. Any other source, it would be stereo only, or through-put.

If you have a cable or sat STB, connect it directly to the HTIB with optical cable.

2008-12-16, 08:53 PM
Sorry, I am new to this. What is the built in ATSC tuner?

I'll connect the STB directly to the HTIB. (That means connecting my rogers HD box to the sony dvd player?) But does that mean I won't get 5.1 surround from my computer and xbox?

Isn't it strange that from the Sony Website, the 40" model has this:

Audio Features

* Audio Out : Fixed

* Auto Mute (on no signal) : Yes

* Digital Amplifier : Yes

* Dolby® : Dolby® Digital

* Sony Original Surround : S-Force® Front

* Sound Mode : Dynamic, Standard, Custom

* SteadySound® Automatic Volume Control : Yes

* Voice Zoom : Yes

* 5.1 Channel Audio Out : Yes

But my 42" doesn't have the 5.1 channel audio out listed?

jean luc picard
2008-12-16, 09:37 PM
optical jacks on almost all tv's are for outputting dolby digital from atsc ota broadcasts. you cannot pass through audio from another source. this question gets asked almost every day here.

you can get 5.1 surround sound from any device you hook up directly to the htib with a digital audio cable (assuming the media contains a dolby digital track).

what is the model # of the htib?

2008-12-16, 10:18 PM
Thanks. And sorry I didn't mean to ask common questions like that. It's exam time and I didn't have time to do much research before asking. :D (And yes, I'm procrastinating but I still would like to know the answer before I go crazy.)

I have the Sony DAV-HDX475 (that's the model # you were asking for I assume). So from what I've gathered so far, since my TV can only output dolby digital (dobly digital means 5.1, right?) from the ATSC ota (over-the-air?) broadcast, signals recieved from the rogers HD box won't be played in dolby digital even if the content contains it. Is that correct? That's why I was told to use the optical cord to connect the HD box directly to the HTIB so that the dolby digital signal can be transmitted from the STB to the HTIB?

What about using my laptop that is hooked up to the HDTV via HDMI? If I am playing something that has dolby digital content on my computer, how do I tell the TV to output the sound through the 6 speakers? Is there a sample audio clip for me to try this out?

Many thanks again.

2008-12-16, 10:47 PM
If you want 5.1 from the computer to the HTIB, you need an optical cable from the computer to the HTIB, or you need a HTIB that has HDMI inputs.
The DD5.1 from the TV is ONLY for sound generated IN the TV, (Built in ATSC/QAM tuner), you cannot go Thru the TV to the HTIB.
(the reason for this is you wouldn't like it anyway, the sound would be delayed and sound out of sync and drive you crazy.)
The easy way to think of this is; audio goes to the Amp, Video goes to the TV.

2008-12-16, 11:06 PM
Here's the problem - The DAV-HDX475 only has one HDMI port which is connected to the HDTV right now. The optical port will soon be connected to the STB. My laptop only has one HDMI out. So I guess there's no way for me to play sound on the 6 speakers using my laptop :(

Are all HDTVs like that or is it just my crappy TV? :(

2008-12-17, 12:27 AM
Several points in summary.

1. You can't go "through" the TV and maintain DD5.1. As mentioned, this has been discussed many times on this forum. See the following FAQ:

http://www.digitalhome.ca/forum/showthread.php?t=17870 (bolding)

2. If you want DD5.1 from more devices than you have inputs, you can get an optical switch - either manual or remote control. Or you can purchase a better HTiB with more inputs, or a true AV Receiver & speakers. Or you can "sacrifice" one of the devices and use analogue audio (red/white) connectors.

3. The default sound mode in the HTiB for incoming DD2.0 (or PCM2.0 or stereo) signals is probably stereo. You'll need to invoke one of the surround modes (like Dolby Pro Logic) to get surround sound from "stereo" signals (much of TV is still 2.0). Read the manual on the proper setup of your HTiB. This surround mode is not the same as true DD5.1, however, all the speakers will typically be used. Go to the Dolby website if you want more info on the various surround modes:


4. Almost all TVs are like that.

5. If you want DD5.1 from the laptop, it may have an optical or coaxial output.

Please see the following post, useful for those new to the forum. There's a lot to learn, so take your time and read the post and the applicable links.


2008-12-17, 01:32 AM
Thanks so much! :) I understand a lot now. Now that I have read about this I feel so n00bie asking these questions :(

My laptop only an HDMI out and 3 audio jacks, both of which can output 5.1 surround sound according to the manual (Dell XPS M1330).